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Faculty & Staff

Name Position Email Phone
Mr. Kevin Worsham Administrator ext. 101
Mrs. Stacy Lam Principal ext. 104
Mrs. Kristie Beals Admissions ext. 102
Mrs. Stacey Pell Secretary ext. 105
Mrs. Julie Murphy Bookkeeper/Development ext. 126

Faculty - Preschool/Elementary
Name Position Email Phone
Mrs. Vangie Towery K3 Teacher ext. 125
Mrs. Turner Ashby Preschool Director
K4 Teacher ext. 130
Mrs. Amy Underwood Kindergarten Teacher ext. 112
Mrs. Jo DeMoss 1st Grade Teacher ext. 110
Mrs. Linda Sumrall 2nd Grade Teacher ext. 109
Miss Judy Martin 3rd Grade Teacher
Summer Camp Director ext. 116
Mrs. Sherri Phares 4th Grade Teacher ext. 122
Mrs. Jamye Jones 5th Grade Teacher ext. 123
Mrs. Karen Shollenberger 6th Grade Teacher ext. 124

Faculty - Jr./Sr. High
 Name  Position  Email  Phone
 Mrs. Gina Bolton  Director of Technology
 Jr./Sr. HS Teacher  ext. 142
 Mr. Rick Brooke  Sr. HS Teacher  ext. 136
 Mr. Jack Campbell  Jr./Sr. HS Teacher  ext. 144
 Mrs. Kimberly DeVries

Music, Orchestra, and 
Choir Director  ext. 107
 Mrs. Mychelle DeWoolfson  Jr./Sr. HS Teacher  ext. 139
 Mrs. Lisa Hailey  Guidance
 Sr. HS Teacher  ext. 121
 Mr. Glenn Howell  Art Teacher  ext. 115
 Mr. Chris Keller  Jr./Sr. HS Teacher    ext. 120
 Mrs. Diane King  Drama Director
 Jr./Sr. HS Teacher  ext. 106
 Mrs. Ashleigh LLoyd  PE Teacher  
 Mr. Tyler Phillips  Jr./Sr. HS Teacher  
 Mrs. Margaret St. Jean  Sr. HS Teacher  ext. 117